Pi welcomes new partner GOX Technologies, Solutions and Strategy

Portable Intelligence Inc. proudly welcomes new partner GOX Technologies. 

G.O.X. Technologies is a leader in business computing and manufacturing solutions. They also offer advanced expertise in network infrastructure and leading solutions for the virtualization of their customers' IT environment and this is without mentioning their great product like servers, storage, and office tools. In addition, their outsourcing services and technical assistance center provide their customers a continuous presence, which facilitates the implementation and operation of technology and tools that maximize the flow of economic and financial organization.

For more information on their products and services Click Here!

Upgrade Alert! RF Plus™ for Infor VISUAL ERP v6.6

Portable Intelligence Inc. announces the launch of v6.6 of RF Plus™ for Infor VISUAL ERP which is certified to VISUAL 9 and to SQL. 

Process Improvements

  • New Pack, Verify and Ship Module- RF Plus users can use this new module for packing the picked items to LPN, verifying the packed items and shipping
  • Batch Putaway, Inventory Transfer and QC Release- In this version, the RF Plus users can put away, transfer and QC release parts in batches.
  • Break Demand Supply Link-Customer can turn on this option if they want to break the WO-CO link during the Finish Good receiving
  • Trace Expiry Editing-During PO and FG Receiving, RF Plus users can enter or edit expiry date for traceable part when Edit Trace Expiry Date is ON

Handheld Improvements

  • Labels of Pallet Qty and (Case) removed from all screens
  • Function keys renamed to align with similar activities( For example, F4 is for CO/PO Update)
  • Lot field renamed to Trace
  • Customer and Available Quantity fields are added to the Picking screens

To know more about RF Plus™ for Infor VISUAL ERP, Click Here


We are pleased to announce that we are now a part of the ZEBRA® PARTNERCONNECT Program as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV)

Pi launches RF Plus™ VM Web (HTML5) – Version 2018.6.2

Pi is excited to launch the web version of RF Plus™ for Infor VISUAL Manufacturing. This version of RF Plus™ for Infor VISUAL Manufacturing features HTML5 handheld screens and is a complete re-write of our RF Plus product and will support the use of features common to tablet/smartphone environments such as the camera, view videos, and documents.

To take a look at this new web version watch our video on

Purchase Order Receiving and Putaway using RF Plus™ VM Web (HTML5) – Version 2018.6.2

Pi Welcomes New Partner VISUAL South

Announcing that VISUAL South, a leading VISUAL ERP consultant, will now be distributing RF Plus™ for VISUAL Manufacturing, our flagship warehouse management system.

Since 1993, VISUAL South has helped hundreds of customers get the most value out of their order-driven ERP and service management systems. They specialize in implementing a fully functional, well-integrated system that works in your organization. From consulting, to reviewing business processes, to implementing new Infor software, you can rest assured their team’s deep industry experience will help you bridge the gap from where you’re business processes are today to where you want them to be.


Pi Welcomes Whip's Carpentry

Pi proudly welcomes Whip's Carpentry.

Whip's Carpentry started out producing display cabinets for a local cookie manufacturer in 1981.

Currently, they are one of the leading manufacturers of storage consoles, closet organizing components, office furniture, institutional furniture, tables, wardrobes and display cabinets.

To know more check out their website.

Upgrade: RF Plus™ for VISUAL Manufacturing v6.5

Portable Intelligence Inc. announces the launch of v6.5 of RF Plus™ for VISUAL Manufacturing. This new version of gives you a

  • New WIP module to track WIP Items  including WIP Tracking, Lookup and Work Order Screen

  • Purchase Order Filter  in the PO field of the PO Receiving screen

  • Optional feature to show Inventory Transaction ID during Inventory Transfer

  • Work Order Issuing with Multiple Status Options like unreleased, firm and closed.

  • New Manual Trace Expiry Entry  in trace collection screen depending on the 'Show Trace Expiry' option and part trace profile

Pi Welcomes PAC Worldwide

Portable Intelligence proudly welcomes PAC Worldwide

PAC Worldwide manufactures protective mailers and specialty packaging for the courier, e-commerce, fulfillment and distribution markets.

They offer a full portfolio of branded and stock packaging with bubble lined and flat solutions.

For over 40 years, PAC Worldwide Corporation has been a leader and innovator in development, manufacturing, and automation of premium packaging solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers worldwide.

 For more information visit PAC Worldwide Website

Pi Welcomes Aquion

Portable Intelligence proudly welcomes Aquion, Inc.

Aquion, Inc. is a manufacturer and marketer of premium water treatment equipment and water quality solutions that serve a variety of markets around the world. 

They have been manufacturing water treatment equipment since 1953 and offer a diverse line of water conditioners, iron filters, carbon filters, drinking-water purifiers, ozone and ultraviolet disinfection systems, reverse osmosis systems and acid neutralizers for the residential and commercial water treatment industry.

Aquion products carry quality and performance certifications from NSF, WQA and UL.

Their 160,000 sq. ft state of the art ISO 9001-2008 certified manufacturing facility, located in Roselle, IL, is specifically designed to serve a large, national and international distribution network. For more information visit the Aquion, Inc. website.

Pi Welcomes BASINTEK

Portable Intelligence proudly welcomes BASINTEK. BASINTEK brings together the latest technological advances in manufacturing, quality control, R&D, and unparalleled engineering know-how to provide the finest quality power sections of rotors and stators to the mud motor drilling industry.

Thier broad selection of reliable and durable power sections are compatible with mud motors ranging from 1 11/16-in through 9 5/8-in diameter. And their advancing elite portfolio of elastomer technology has led them to innovation that extends the life of the power sections, allowing their customers an unsurpassed drilling experience. For more information visit BASINTEK website.

Pi Welcomes MS Aerospace

Portable Intelligence proudly welcomes MS Aerospace. MS Aerospace has been building consistent and reliable products like aerospace fasteners, aerospace bolts, specialty fasteners, military fasteners and medical fasteners, for over 19 years. Their dedication to providing their customers with the very best custom fasteners and service ensures that their customers receive the best overall value available in the industry today. To know more about MS Aerospace visit MS Aerospace website

Pi Welcomes New Partner Visual Business Solutions Inc.

Announcing that Visual Business Solutions Inc. (VBS), a leading Visual ERP consultant and Infor Gold Partner will now be distributing RF Plus™, our warehouse management system. VBS is a provider of Infor business application software solutions; implementation consulting and project management, business performance improvement services, and training for discrete manufacturers with complex operating environments.

Nelipak to use RF Plus™ to manage their inventory and warehouses

Nelipak, a leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of custom designed thermoformed packaging for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries has chosen Pi’s RF Plus™ for Visual. Nelipak’s customers consist of some of the largest medical device and pharmaceutical companies in the world and has facilities in the United States, Ireland, Puerto Rico, and The Netherlands.

RF Plus™ Warehouse Management System now supports BarTender®

Our flagship warehouse management product, RF Plus™ for Visual ERP, now supports BarTender® labeling software. For current users of BarTender®, this means not spending additional resources on the purchase of a new labeling software, when you implement RF Plus™. For new customers, BarTender® provides an economical and effective labeling solution.

Visit BarTender® for more information on this cost-effective labeling software.

RF Plus™ also supports Nice Label and Loftware labeling software.

RF Plus and TM Plus in the Cloud coming SOON to a screen near you.

Pi will be releasing later this summer Cloud versions of RF Plus™ and TM Plus™ for Visual ERP. Clients will be able to keep their Visual databases on their locals servers while Pi’s products will be located in the Cloud hosted on Microsoft Azure. According to Blair Gibson, Operations Director, “this hybrid approach will give our customers the security of knowing their data is still safe behind their firewall and the convenience of rapid implementation and support for our products. Latency was our biggest concern going this model but thanks to some application tweaking and assistance from networking experts we are able to offer this option with great performance”.

Canada Metal Pacific Ltd Expansion

Canada Metal Pacific of Delta BC, is expanding into the Greater Toronto area with a new manufacturing facility. CMP a long time customer will be expanding the use RF Plus™ into this location. Congrats to CMP on their growth and we look forward to doing our part getting the new facility up and running! http://www.cmpgroup.net/

NAI Has Gone Live with RF Plus™

NAI Group of Scottsdale, AZ in less than 8 weeks, has gone live with RF Plus™ in Arizona and four facilities in Mexico. Credit for this remarkable achievement goes to the implementation teams at Pi and especially to NAI for their dedication and hard work. Special thanks to the senior management at NAI who embraced this project right from the start and gave it the support necessary to make this happen - ahead of schedule.  http://www.nai-group.com/company

Pi Welcomes New European Partner Quartess SCM

Jeff Lem, President of Pi is pleased to announce Quartess SCM, Europe’s leading Visual ERP consultant and Infor Gold Partner will be distributing RF Plus™, our warehouse management system. Jan Mueller, Managing Director says “RF Plus™ with it’s barcoding best practises and tight integration into Visual is exactly what our customers need, their understanding of the warehouse environment and involvement with the Visual community made this a very easy decision”. https://www.quartess.eu/

Portable Intelligence Announces new feature: Trace Lite for VISUAL ERP

Allows for the capture of trace information like serial or lot ID during shipping of finished goods. Trace Lite for VISUAL ERP allows you to assign a VISUAL trace ID to a part at finished goods receiving. The only time you need to capture the trace ID is when you pick/ship that item. All material movements don’t require the trace ID. Trace Lite will be available summer 2017 in the next release of RF Plus V6.4 and will work for VISUAL ERP V7.1.2 and greater.

Portable Intelligence will be presenting at the following events

Visual Users Group Meeting | Michigan | March 22, Visual Users Group Meeting | Northern California | April 19, Visual Users Group Meeting | Arizona | May 18, Visual Focus | Kentucky | May 21-23.

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