When orders rush in, you need to know for certain whether your stock level is up to stuff or if replenishment is required to meet demands. Whatever the situation may be, both decisions need the visibility of raw materials and finished goods. Having accurate, accessible inventory can be the difference between keeping and losing a valued customer.
With nearly countless choices available, finding the right solution that fits your operation can be a challenge. Portable Intelligence has been working with supply chain and invento1y management for 20 years and we strongly advocate and deliver best practises. Combined with our ERP integration expertise, we can provide best of breed data collection solutions that will not only reduce your warehousing issues but also promote growth and profit within your business. 

We tripled production over the last three years and did it without adding more warehouse staff because of RF Plus™
— Pharmetics

Portable Intelligence has extensive hardware, software, project management, service, and ERP supply chain expertise. 
It is our goal to provide speedy solutions that will address software driven or specialty hardware issues. We are your tried and true warehouse pattner -- just ask any of our customers

RT Plus is available in three versions tailored to your warehouse size and specific needs


For warehouses under 10,000 sq ft with under 4 workers 


For warehouses that are 10,000 - 100,000 sq ft with 5 - 50 workers 


For warehouses over 100,000 sqft with SO+ workers